2021 September the 5th Week TIC News Recommendation - China's first 7MW offshore wind power main shaft bearing was successfully developed

Recently, the 7MW (megawatt) class offshore wind power main shaft bearing developed by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. successfully completed the installation and commissioning at Dongfang Electric's Yangjiang base.


The main bearing of 7MW offshore wind power, as the core component of the wind turbine, has complex and changeable loads, high bearing reliability and accuracy requirements, and the design life needs to reach more than 25 years. It is technically difficult and has long been monopolized by foreign bearing companies. The R&D personnel of the Shaft Research Institute have passed many tests and continuously tackled key problems, successively overcoming technical problems in bearing material optimization, heat treatment process improvement, cage optimization design and processing, etc., and successfully developed a 7 MW offshore wind power main bearing. The bearing adopts two sets of tapered roller bearing arrangements. The outer diameter of the bearing is 3100mm. It is currently the largest and most precise wind power main shaft bearing in China.



The successful development of this product has improved the reliability design and manufacturing technology of the wind turbine main bearing of the Institute of Axis Research, filled the gap in the main shaft bearing of the domestic large megawatt wind turbine with this structural size, and broke the long-term monopoly of foreign bearing enterprises on the wind turbine main bearing market.


As a technological leader in the bearing industry, Bearing Research Institute is committed to providing high-quality, high-reliability products and solutions as well as professional technical services. The Bearing Research Institute will continue to cultivate in the field of wind power, vigorously promote the localized application of large-megawatt wind power bearings, and build the core competitiveness of wind power products.


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